Studio A Design Project: Hatco Pizza Oven

For this particular client, an Industrial Design Consulting firm who was overburdened with work, I was asked to come up with a range of 2D Concepts to brainstorm possible enhancements to their existing Pizza Oven as well as provide suggestions for possible future, next generation, designs.

Working remotely, as I often do as a consultant, I enjoy using the, "Story Board", approach to quickly communicate my ideas with the client via eMail. This approach allows me to very rapidly communicate, "thumbnail", style concepts which are interpreted quite well by fellow designers without spending needless time refining 2D concepts they may immediately delete.

...and with a story-board roadmap quickly established I refine the thumbnail sketches in Photoshop for a much more pleasant, easier on the eyes, Illustration for their client, Hatco. These images can be used by their in-house Engineers & Marketing teams to evaluate.

The entire 2D Concept Refinement stage consists of rapid thumbnail sketches to rapidly communicate & collaborate with my clients.

Providing my client with a range of 2D Concept Design using the, "Reach to Leap", approach I provide a thought provoking assortment of Concept Illustrations.

From Retrofittable solutions... entirely new approaches to their existing manufacturing... modular component designs that make product skews or model-year changes an option...

...all of which get the collaborative gears turning!

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