Why choose Studio A Design?
Industrial Design freelance consulting is a great opportunity for any Inventor, Designer, Engineer, or Creator of any discipline to attain a new focus & energy on any given project. Collaboration, most times, is key to any successful design. Whether it's a unique skill-set you wish to attain for a specific phase of your project or just the need for a, "second eye", because you've been staring at a project too closely (for too long and with the same set of eyes) I can help bring new light to your experience. My many years of Industrial Design work helped me gain a vast amount of knowledge by working along-side some of the most amazing individuals & teams. Though I operate as a sole operator, much of the time, I do employ a network of brilliant design colleagues whom I've met through the years. Having this powerful network of Designers, I am able to leverage their assistance in the event I am overbooked or perhaps looking for extended collaboration. While this approach can be invisible to my clients my billing rate is not. Large corporations as well as small business entrepreneurs & inventors enjoy a much smaller billable rate from this business model. I welcome you to give us a try and I look forward to working with you!

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