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My name's Dan Alberti, I am the sole owner/operator of this

Industrial Design Freelance Consultancy. I have been an Industrial Designer since graduating the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 1996. Prior to attending MIAD I was an artist, aspiring musician, and gear-head/back-alley-mechanic.  MIAD introduced me to the Industrial Design Discipline which combines the two-dimensional arts with the three-dimensional arts, a perfect match for me as I love working with my hands!  Further, learning the importance of "PROCESS" was eye opening.  I couldn't believe how the simple act of learning & respecting any given material's property could so positively effect the final outcome of it's custom creation. I love it! I am passionate about problem

solving and establishing solid design solutions, and my

innate desire/drive is to beat out the competition.


I enjoy the collaborative process of working with Mechanical Engineers & Marketing Teams. I often use the phrase, "Fusing Form & Function", which is my goal with every project; a design is not successful without the fusion of all aspects of design. Over the last 23 years of my design experience I have learned so much from the people I've collaborated with. Many of my design samples, seen in this website, are from my years at Buell Motorcycle Company, my second job out of college. I met SO many amazing and talented Designers, Engineers, and Marketers during this time, and am truly grateful for this experience which forever shaped my design methodologies and practices. 

Another influence I should mention is my very own brother, Thomas Alberti. He's a Mechanical Engineer, Patent, & Family Law Attorney. Being my older brother, I was raised along side this creative and mechanical master-mind. He was blessed with equally powerful sides

of the brain. He, to this day, maintains the ability to explain some of the most complex mechanical problems in a way that makes sense

to the layman. I enjoy collaborating on design projects

with him on a nearly daily basis.

Please contact me if you'd like to discuss your Design Project.


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