Studio A Design Project: Buell Graphic Design

Graphic Concepts for Buell. Not all of my designs made it into production but that's all part of the process. In order to find that one special design, that everybody agrees on, you go through many, many, ideas to get there. I find myself having a little bit of fun in order to keep the mind creative.

This is the Graphic Concept we went with. Blast was an especially budget conscious platform so I had to figure out a, "one color fits all", graphic to work across three colors. A nice, muted, Metallic Blue, on Silver was both youthful and sophisticated, while drawing in references from surrounding wheel geometry and color. The trick here: Using a clear carrier you get the 3rd color (the bodywork color)  for free.

And of course, in Commercial Art, it can't just look cool on paper (or Photoshop), it must make it's way to production before it lands on a product. Vector Art, using Adobe Illustrator, defines the exact line-art needed to produce screen-prints.

...and in the rare events my Graphic Designs don't wind up on production motorcycles they may end-up at the Bonneville  Salt Flats trying for Land Speed Records!

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