Industrial Design Project: Random Orbit Sander

The Industrial Design Process has four basic phases: Research, Concept, Refinement, and Execution. These are sample in process images showing the early Research Phase to evaluate competitive models on the market as well as evaluation of the exiting product.

 End-User Research is critical during the Research phase in order to understand how professionals, or pro-sumers, use current products. Opportunity for innovation lies in this phase when you realize existing problems or areas for improvement. 

Industrial Design Concept Phase is where 2D Concept Drawings and Illustrations are used to collaborate with all stakeholders, such as Marketing and Engineering. A picture speaks thousands of words to keep the Design Process rapidly moving forward.

Industrial Design is rarely just a pretty picture. 2D Concept Sketches move into the Refinement Phase where Computer Aided Design, in this case Alias Surface Models, are used to further develop and refine the design. Execution Phase involves final CAD models exported and used by Engineering and Tool Manufacturers.

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